Language Experiences

Package 1

School and host family (including breakfast and dinner), full board available.

Package 2

School and guesthouse, room for two (including breakfast)

Package 3

School and guesthouse, room for two (self-catering)

Language School

(20 lessons per week)

1 week, CHF 300

4 weeks, CHF 1160


All Prices are approximate


Option1: Host family (inkl. Breakfast and dinner)

1 week, CHF 190 to CHF 270 (Private room and bathroom)

4 weeks, CHF 760 to CHF 1080


Option2: Guesthouse, room for two and private bathroom, price for two people (inkl. breakfast and housekeeping)

1 week, CHF 500

4 weeks, CHF 2000


Option 3: Guesthouse, room for two with private bathroom (self-catering)

1 week, CHF 350

4 weeks, CHF 1400


All Prices are approximate

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